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Fresns official development of easy to manage menu.

    1. Install and activate the plug-in
    1. Configure extensions
    • Background path: Control Panel -> Extensions -> Manage Extensions
    • Click the 'Add Service Provider' button in the top right hand corner.
    • Fill in the configuration information and associate the AdminMenu plug-in.
    • Caution.
      • Plugin users will be able to delete posts, comments and manage the user's basic information, so be sure to configure the permissions.
      • Permissions can be selected to specify the role or group dedicated to the administrator.
    1. delete the extended cache
    • Background path: Control Panel -> Dashboard -> Cache
    • Configuration Information, tick the Advanced Configuration option and click Clear Cache.
    1. Use the
    • Posts: Bottom right corner of the ... More Options menu (in a row with the Like and other buttons, located in the last row of the content block).
    • Comments: Bottom right corner of the content ... More options menu (in a row with the Like and other buttons, in the last row of the content block).
    • Users: Top right corner of the user home page ... More options menu.




Fresns 3.x



  • MySQL/MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQL Server
  • SQLite


  • accounts
  • roles
  • users
  • groups
  • posts
  • comments

バージョン 2.0.2

リリース日 2024年04月28日 06:02



2.0.2 2024年04月28日 06:02
  • chore: cache helper put
2.0.1 2024年04月06日 13:11
  • refactor: fresns callback
2.0.0 2024年03月28日 15:10
  • fresns 3.x support
1.5.5 2023年10月23日 00:01
  • chore: pagination key
1.5.4 2023年10月08日 20:22
  • chore: new plugin path
1.5.3 2023年08月09日 20:54

Use the checkExtendPerm command word

1.5.2 2023年08月09日 19:17
  • Adaptation of the user detail command word
1.5.1 2023年07月24日 23:32

fix: uidOrUsername

1.5.0 2023年07月19日 23:15

chore: fresns callback

1.4.3 2023年06月24日 02:50
  • chore: postMessage
1.4.2 2023年05月31日 00:22
  • cosm: view style
1.4.1 2023年05月19日 02:07
  • Auto-close modal window
1.4.0 2023年05月06日 15:35
  • refactor: fskey
1.3.4 2023年04月27日 17:26
  • chore: bootstrap-icons.min.css chore: verifyUrlAuthorization
1.3.3 2023年04月27日 09:26
  • chore: cache helper
1.3.2 2023年04月23日 02:40
  • Amend text
1.3.1 2023年04月15日 02:40
  • Optimised language key
1.3.0 2023年02月16日 22:40
  • Delete operation requires secondary confirmation
  • New delete function for user operation
1.2.1 2023年02月01日 23:12
  • Content sticky and digest use encapsulation features
1.2.0 2023年01月24日 15:35
  • Auth uuid modify to ulid
  • Add edit post
  • Add edit comment
1.1.0 2023年01月20日 15:40
  • Refactoring Web Controllers
  • Adapting to the new version of URL Authorization
1.0.2 2023年01月18日 13:59
  • Reset count parameters when changing groups
1.0.1 2023年01月11日 03:37
  • Optimize cache tags
1.0.0 2023年01月09日 05:00

Initial version


The Fresns App Marketplace is a repository of Fresns extensions, aggregating public and private extensions developed on top of the Fresns ecosystem.

The Fresns Marketplace is an open platform and any account registered as a developer can publish apps (certified developer can publish paid apps). As a result, the Fresns App Marketplace is unable to fully monitor applications uploaded to the App Marketplace by third parties and therefore does not guarantee the legitimacy, security, integrity, authenticity or quality of applications. By downloading an application from the Fresns Marketplace, you agree to use your own judgement and assume all risks without relying on the Fresns Marketplace.

Free applications are not explicitly stated and the developer is not obliged to provide technical support, so please install your own test functions.

In any case, Fresns Marketplace reserves the right to discontinue the Application Marketplace service and to take appropriate action in accordance with the law, including but not limited to removal of the application in question, suspension of all or part of the service. Fresns shall not be liable, directly, indirectly or jointly, for any damages that may be caused to you or to third parties.